HELLO – More NEWS from Albert HQ and this time it really is about news.. It’s about Albert making it into the tabloid red top national newspaper The Daily Star on Sunday.

It’s OK.. no need to panic. It’s not an exposee of terrible diva behaviour or some past misdemeanour.. It’s a rather wonderful inclusion in the paper’s MAGICAL CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS for KIDS .. with a great shout-out for the Albert picturebook ALBERT AND THE WIND. We are blown away! And thrilled.

It’s great to get such lovely coverage in a NATIONAL paper. Wahoo.

We hope Albert can get even more coverage. WE ARE OPEN TO ALL OFFERS FOR INTERVIEWS… Just get in touch.

More exciting things happenning all the time. More school visits coming up and readings AND we are doing more radio interviews soon too.

More updates f rom us as it all happens. Til next time…