HELLO – More news from Albert HQ .. and it’s INTERNATIONAL NEWS…

As you can see from the picture with this piece, we’ve received a great pose with the ALBERT 2022 CALENDAR… But not just any pose.. Strutting their stuff are Koby and Rocco from MICHIGAN – near DETROIT in the USA!! Amazing.. Thanks to wrangler / photographer Amy Greenhut.

We are always thrilled to receive and to see YOUR poses with the Albert picturebooks ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN and the New Book ALBERT AND THE WIND.. Please keep them coming..

As you might be able to tell, we’re also thrilled to see and to receive YOUR Calendar poses… Please do send them in.

You can share pictures on our Facebook or twitter (tag us in) or email us or DM us.

The calendar is real Albert’s debut at this sort of thing. It contain 12 colour images of real Albert plus key turtle and tortoise conservation dates and other key holiday and anniversary dates.. Plus some of Albert’s finest one-liners (he says).

The calendar – and the books are all available at our own shop via publishers Graffeg or from other shopping sites, including Book Depository.

PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW TOO if you use a shopping site. Thank you.

Lots occurring here – and we will update you again soon.

More updates on the way.. Til next time.