Hello – welcome ot the latest news from ALBERT the tortoise HQ with our friends Hugg ‘n’ Bugg.

To our surprise – and, indeed, amazement – real Albert has woken up from his winter sleep. It is quite a few weeks earlier than we can ever remember. The weather is not that great. But, on one of our regular checks on his sleeping quarters he was awake and ready to get up.


Once we’d brought him up to date on nearly 5 months’ news and developments he was back to posing and all sorts. Warm baths and some added heat has meant he has done some important tortoise “business” and has also started to eat a little. As we say, it’s not great weather as yet but he seems to be up for whatever. We can only say WELCOME BACK, ALBERT…  and we thank everyone who has said that on our social feeds.

One big thing to happen while Albert slept was the launch of the first two ALBERT picturebooks ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN and ALBERT AND THE WIND in South Korea – translated into Korean.

Albert was keen to inspect the books and was most happy to pose with them. It is amazing to think how far the stories of Albert are reaching now.


In more developments from Korea, the translated books are now hitting book markets there. We were thrilled to see this.


Albert has been making more headlines – thanks to the South London Press .. and Pauline Atkins whose series of Book Reviews and articles on our books and author bloke continue to run. We are delighted to see these pieces each week…  Some nice Praise this week… ADORABLE.. and WONDERFUL IDEA were used to describe ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN and ALBERT AND THE WIND. We will take that!

We had another cracking 5* Review online for ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN… calling the book GREAT and recommending it for little people .. and also for guinea pigs! Amazing. Please keep posting YOUR Book Reviews.


All this attention has had a marvellous outcome .. possibly. We discovered by chance this week that if you search for ALBERT the tortoise online… Google are now describing him as a PUBLIC FIGURE. Oh dear..  this might go to his head. The demands! We have let him know. No change as yet… But best watch this space. It is amazing to think an 80+ year-old tortoise is making such an impact…

We mentioned last time that WORLD BOOK DAY is coming on March 7. We mentioned some of you dressed as Albert last year. We’d love to see any costumes this year. Mentioning this on our social feeds prompted a family to send in a brilliant picture from last year that we hadn’t seen before of two fans dressed as Albert – with incredible home-made Albert the tortoise shells! Apparently – they will be dressing as Albert again this year. Absolutely thrilling to hear this. We hope you all have a wonderful Book Day. We are visiting a lot of schools in this period and we are looking forward to that greatly.

As ever we say a supersize Thank you to everyone for all their support. Please keep posting YOUR Reviews and YOUR pictures with our goodies or in costume…. We love to hear form you.

More soon.. Til next time…