Albert goes East and North East

HELLO – welcome to the very latest from ALBERT the tortoise HQ and our friends Hugg ‘n’ Bugg.

Real Albert sleeps on – wise chap. He’s missed some rum weather in the UK.

Meanwhile work goes on for new books and much more.

We are delighted to say that since we revealed the first two ALBERT picturebooks ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN and ALBERT AND THE WIND had been translated into Korean and were now available in South Korea… the publishers there have posted to social media that on the Korean version of Google, Naver – Upside Down is listed as a “best seller”. It is all TORT ally exciting.

As well as heading east .. Far East.. Albert is once again heading North East in England to Darlington and Whitley Bay as part of the Northern Children’s Book Festival.

We are due to meet more than 450 pupils and share the Albert and Hugg ‘n’ Bugg stories and much more.

Last year we were in Sunderland for the event and we got on to local Tyne Tees TV news. Who knows this year.

We heard from friends from our last road trip this week for World Kindness Day. The nice people at Falcon Boats in St David’s Pembrokeshire in Wales posted a picture of our Board Book ALBERT AND HIS FRIENDS and writer bloke doing a storytime session in the shop. It was lovely – and most kind of them.

We’ve been chatting all things ALBERT and Hugg ‘n’ Bugg on the radio too.

We had a great chat with Alice Hopkins at BBC Radio Oxford and Berkshire. Thanks to all involved.

Then we chatted with Nishma Hindocha at BBC Radio Lancashire. Again, thanks to all involved.

It’s kinda beginning to feel a bit like Christmas what with all the TV adverts starting…

So we might mention our friends the hairy snowman and his flea Hugg ‘n’ Bugg. Set in the snowy Himalayas with red pandas, yaks, goats and snow leopards… the comedy rhyming adventures of the messy yeti and the flea who doesn’t like the cold could be a nice Christmas gift idea…

See them online or ask in bookshops. Available now .. Hugg ‘n” Bugg FINDING HOME and THE COMB.

More from us very soon. Til next time…