HELLO and welcome to the latest from ALBERT the tortoise HQ – with our friends Hugg ‘n’ Bugg.

So. Much. Occurring..

More wonderful Reviews have been landing for our latest books. Like this from RED READING HUB book blogger for our Board Book ALBERT AND HIS FRIENDS. With the phrase.. JUST RIGHT FOR UNDER THREES .. We are pleased to get a Review like this.

We also got a smashing new Review for ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN picturebook..  With Praise like FUNNY … FUN BOOK.. We are thrilled to receive yet another 5* Review like this. Please keep posting YOUR Reviews on those shopping sites.



We also got a lovely shout out from Book Blogger BookRead2Day for Board Book ALBERT AND HIS FRIENDS – saying they ADORE the cover and descibing it as BEAUTIFUL and BRIGHTLY COLOURFUL. Thank you again for such lovely feedback.

We’re also getting nice feedback for the Board Book from our tortoise pals.. Like Albie (NOT Albert) …  He says IT’S FAB.. which is fab with us. Thanks Albie.


Another Review…  This time for picturebook ALBERT AND THE POND…  Calling the book BRILLIANT is good news to us. Thank you.

Another NEW Review is for the latest Albert picturebook ALBERT AND THE SHED ..  Calling the book DELIGHTFUL. We are being spoiled by such amazing responses.

We also had some lovely feedback – and amazing pictures from blogger AverysPlaytimeAdventures for picturebook ALBERT AND THE POND… Pleased to say.. they liked the book too.


As well as staying in and reading Reviews.. we have been out and about…  Including asigning visit to local bookshop Jo’s Bookshop in Chingford.. and we’re thrilled to say we will be visiting again for an ALBERT storytime with Hugg ‘n’ Bugg on SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 30 from 11am. Storytelling, book signing, tortoises, yetis, dinosaurs, giveaways…

Also we popped into Waterstone’s St Albans in Hertfordshire to sign some books as well. It was nice to meet the new team there.

Also .. we hear from our bookseller friends around the country as well… Like lovely Snug Bookshop in Somerset.. who sent us these pictures of ALBERT AND THE SHED and ALBERT AND HIS FRIENDS in poses around the shop. Thanks Sam!

Another future bookshop visit will be to Falcon Boats in St David’s Pembrokeshire, Wales on Tuesday October 31 from 11am. We are excited to meet the booksellers there.

We’ve also been part of a fun Giveaway contest in the ace Primary Times magazine… We were delighted to team with them to help launch Board Book ALBERT AND HIS FRIENDS.


We’re on our travels to FESTIVALS soon…  Including the STORYTALE FESTIVAL in Bristol on October 20. We will be at the Southville Centre in association with Storysmith Books bookshop and we are very excited. See the Storytale website to sort tickets.


We will also be at the BOOTLE CHILDREN’S LITERARY FESTIVAL on November 1 visiting schools and we cannot wait.. we will be going on BBC Radio Merseyside to talk about it on October 6… More details on that soon. The theme of the Bootle event is FAIRYTALE, MYTH and LEGEND.. So we will be concentrating on our friends Hugg n Bugg a bit – our messy yeti and his flea.


Later in November we’re heading North East again to return to the NORTHERN CHILDREN’S BOOK FESTIVAL.. This time Darlington and North Tyneside. Last time we got on the telly. What next? … watch this space.


We do like local events too.. And we’re thrilled to have been invited to bring an Albert the tortoise and Hugg n Bugg storytime to our local Hub.. working with the local Food Aid group. The aim is to offer an event for toddlers and pre-school for the community .. many of whom now rely on the Hub in different ways. We look forward to meeting them.

We are also returning to WATERSTONE’S MAIDSTONE in Kent on October 6 from 3pm for an after-school storytime. The day we launch NEW Albert ACTIVITY BOOK – ALBERT PUZZLES AND COLOURING. We look forward to being in the shop to mark the occasion.

We are also returning to WATERSTONE’S TRURO in Cornwall on October 23 from 11am for our storytime events. We look forward ro it.

We’ve been doing more Radio too…  Our interview with Hannah at talkRadio Europe went out on Thursday September 21. Always lovely to chat with Hannah.

On Friday September 22 we had a chat with Alison Moss at BBC Radio Jersey all things Albert and Hugg n Bugg – particularly as Jersey has had a special Tortoise Takeover event through the summer.

May be an image of 3 people, turtle and text that says 'JERSEY Alison Moss Home Episodes Clips Alber Down Albert Upcide Albert Albert Albert Supersice itheAir Hugg 'η' Bugg Finding Home Albert Albert Albert Hugg 'η' Bugg Albert Albert Huggn Buag cme 24March'

On Sunday September 24 we are chatting with Grace Smith at BBC Radio WM (West Midlands) and we can’t wait.

As we said VERY busy times for us. We thank each and every one of you for the support you show. Thank you.

Til next time…