It’s stuPONDous!

HELLO – it really is all action stations here at Albert HQ – with our friends Hugg ‘n’ Bugg.

We have come to OFFICIAL PUBLICATION DAY for Book 5 in the Albert picturebook series – ALBERT AND THE POND.

That means … new promotional things, new book reviews and new all sorts.

What is SUPER amazing is the new book is a NUMBER 1 Bestseller already.. on Amazon .com in the USA where the ebook version is a #1 New Release in a Frog and Toad category (because the new book features a frog) ..

It is sooo exciting to get that Tag on Amazon. It means a lot to us all.

We have also landed some great opening reviews… Like this one for the Animated ebook version – available on Apple (visit our shop). This 5* Review calls the book PERFECT FOR CLASSROOM READING and HEART-WARMING.


We also picked up a lovely Review for the ebook version .. This 5* Review calls the book SWEET and PERFECT FOR TEACHERS…

We’re also receiving the first pictures of the book “in the wild” sent in by readers. Please keep those pictures coming.. Here’s fellow tortoise Monty with his copy of ALBERT AND THE POND.

Of course in the past two years picturebook Albert has been through quite a lot in print.. All the stories have been inspired by real Albert the tortoise… In picture form it looks something like this ..

He’s been UPSIDE DOWN, had trouble with WIND, Been SUPERSIZE and been IN THE AIR.. now we have ALBERT AND THE POND.

We were delighted to gift a couple of copies of the new book to our local library .. Please do support libraries. They are great assets.

We will be spending the day in our local library storytelling on Saturday June 17. We are always pleased to support them.

We are also always pleased to visit schools… and we had a great storytime trip to Lansdowne Primary Academy in Tilbury, Essex.. Action shots have now landed…


We also had terrific feedback from the school about children being enthused.. and even having a go at their own stories..  Like Scarlett who created her very own Albert story .. Albert in the Clouds. Here’s a little sample..


It is especially wonderful to hear about schoolchildren having a go at creating after one of our visits. We look forward to seeing more…

Of course.. New book means new promotional things.. and we have been back on the radio with more to come..

We had a great chat with Carla Greene at BBC Radio Lincolnshire.. Thanks Carla ..

We also had a great catch up with Susan Hanks at BBC Radio Stoke and BBC Radio Derby… Thanks Susan.

We also had a top time talking with Kate Justice at BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester.. Thanks Kate.

On actual Publication Day we’re excited to be talking with Bernie Keith at BBC Radio Northants…

Lots more regional radio appearances to come…

AND regional bookshop visits too…  It is Indie Bookshop Week and as part of that we will be visiting our local bookshops including Jo’s Bookshop in Chingford.

In a couple of weeks we will be off to WALES .. to Cogan Primary to collect our amazing Cogan Heroes Picturebook Awards – voted by the schoolchildren…  we will also be visiting two schools in Barry and the amazing UK Indie Bookshop of the Year – Griffin Books in Penarth..

We will do a detailed run down of our bookshop visits in a separate blog.. and on our social sites. Keep an eye out..

We said there was a lot going on didn’t we…  More amazing news was that we passed 6K followers on our facebook page.. Thank you so much everyone. We are aiming for that 10k figure next… Give us a Follow if you fancy…


We can hardly say Thank you enough .. but we truly mean it. All the support you show us is incredible.

More news soon – til next time..