All the very latest from ALBERT the tortoise HQ .. with our friends Hugg ‘n’ Bugg.

Lots going on – despite a run of long Bank Holiday weekends in the UK.

It warmed up and we had a run of sunny days – meaning big garden patrols and big feeds for real Albert. He’s been thriving.

May be an image of tortoise and turtle

Just as well, as a busy Promotional time is coming..

We have the NEW Albert picturebook ALBERT AND THE POND on the way .. officially publishing in paperback on June 15.

Copies are already landing in bookshops and with reviewers and book bloggers.

One early review has come from BookRead2Day blogger..

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Luckily they LOVED the new book and described it as VERY EDUCATIONAL.

Of course, Albert has been posing too with the new book..

May be an image of turtle and text

And a new book means a new Book Trailer for ALBERT AND THE POND… Check this out..


We’re also starting a new run of bookshop visits… with our ALBERT the tortoise and Hugg ‘n’ Bugg picturebook storytime…

On THURSDAY JUNE 1 from 11:30 we’re at Waterstone’s Orpington in Kent..

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One for the Diary – On AUGUST 22 from 11:30 we’ll be back at Waterstone’s Bluewater shopping centre in Kent.

We’re also doing some Radio too…

We’re looking forward to chatting with some chums on BBC local radio across the country. Details to come. Keep an eye on our social sites.

Thanks as always for all the support you show us. We are MOST grateful.

More news soon ..

Til next time.