HELLO – the latest from Albert the tortoise HQ – with our friends Hugg ‘n’ Bugg.

Lots and lots occurring…

We went to the amazing Merthyr Tydfil Children’s Literature Festival – with its Shakespeare theme – and we had a marvellous time with our Albert and Hugg n Bugg picturebook storytime events .. as well as Tudor T Rex. In fact, T Rex was a very big hit.


He was asked to pose for the Bridging The Gap after school clubs at the opening ceremony of the festival. Then we started our events at various locations.


And, the fact we had SIX books .. all 4 Albert books (ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN, ALBERT AND THE WIND, ALBERT SUPERSIZE, ALBERT IN THE AIR) plus our Hugg n Bugg books FINDING HOME & THE COMB… proved most handy when we encountered the six wives of Henry VIII…. Posing was necessary.. Big thanks to the folk of Past Times Living History.

Of course, massive thanks to all at the festival especially Stephen and George Charitable Trust… and one of the volunteers who posted a lovely message on twitter… as did the Wives of Henry VIII. Thank you all.

Our next stop was in Cardiff and a quick visit to our publishers Graffeg. Many books were signed to be sent out to multi0ple locations.

Hey – you know we won an Award for ALBERT SUPERSIZE? We might have mentioned it a BIT in our last blog. Well, now the great children who voted for us at Cogan Primary school in Penarth are designing the trophies we are to receive. Very, very exciting.

May be an image of 14 people, people studying and childrens toy

To our absolute delight – we are in the running for another Award for ALBERT SUPERSIZE .. in the Children’s Book Festival book award .. voted for at schools and libraries. The shortlist is to be announced soon. We are very excited.


Children are being very nice about all our books, it seems. We just received a lovely Book review for Hugg ‘n’ Bugg book THE COMB from FOUR-year-old Evan as part of Books Up North – who post reviews from youngsters. It’s a smashing review. Thanks to Evan.


Thanks as always to everyone for all the support you give us. It is much appreciated.

More news soon … Til next time…