HELLO – The latest NEWS from Albert HQ…

We’re rather pleased the UK heatwave has come to an end. Not so pleased it has ended with massive downpours and flooding.

All a bit complicated for real Albert. It was a bit too hot for him.. now too wet.

BUT at more than 80 years old he’s seen most of it all before.

He has coped well and seems to be doing fine.

Also doing fine are the Albert books. We have been on our travels.

We were delighted to continue our summer school holidays bookshops tour with a return visit to Cornwall to Waterstone’s bookshop in Truro.

Thanks to all the team there who are so supportive.

We had a great storytime reading with a fair crowd – driven into the shop by rain (some might say) .. NOT how the wrangler bloke sees it.

Good sales too.. Thanks to everyone. Including our dinosaur pal.

Next stop is Waterstone’s in Maidstone in Kent. We are VERY excited.

While in Truro it was a TORTal pleasure to gift copies of ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN, ALBERT AND THE WIND & ALBERT SUPERSIZE to the Truro Community Library. Once checked in, the books will be available soon.

It’s been a week of revelations too…. Including a BIG REVEAL of the Cover of the next Albert picturebook – ALBERT IN THE AIR. It’s available to order right now here on the website on the Shop page or from other online sites or – if you can – please support your local bookshop.

We rather like the look of this next one..

Another related Reveal is a NEW series of books from writer and illustrator blokes..  The same duo behind the Albert books are bringing out a new run of rhyming comedy picturebooks called Hugg ‘n’ Bugg in October. The first is called Hugg ‘n’ Bugg Finding Home.

We’ll be featuring Hugg and Bugg here on this Albert site and we hope that you will help support these new characters too. They’re a messy yeti and a flea who doesn’t like the cold … living in the Himalayas. The unlikely pair of misfits team up.. Can the yeti and the flea live in harmony?

Very busy times at Albert HQ. Thank you as ever for all the support.

We’ll have more news soon. Til next time…