HELLO – welcome to the latest from Albert HQ.

We have been Honoured … and we are thrilled to tell you about it.

Just a year since the first ALBERT picturebook ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN published, we were asked by the Bookmark charity to write the foreword for their The Story Corner magazine which goes out to 70,000 children via schools, foodbanks, pupil referral units and children’s hospitals.

Bookmark do great work – we think. Their aim is simple – to let EVERY child read.

To do that they distribute books and stationery and equipment to help schools and other centres set up libraries or reading areas.

Recently, they have supplied thousands of books and other aid to displaced Ukrainian children.

The Story Corner encourages reading and spreads word and awareness about their work.

It’s even more amazing as, in writing the foreword, we are following in the footsteps of the likes of children’s book luminaries Rob Biddulph and Chris Callaghan.


The theme of this latest edition was Friendship and teamwork building Community. All themes identified in the ALBERT books, we’re pleased to say.

Thank you to all at Bookmark for this opportunity. We would ask that, if you can, you might consider helping Bookmark… They look for volunteers, people to read with children, donations and other gifting. Find out more here: BOOKMARK CHARITY

We have busy times ahead… Radio interviews, bookshop storytime sessions and school visits before the big summer break.

More from us soon.

Thank you as ever for all YOUR support for real Albert, the ALBERT books and other goodies.

Til next time…