HELLO – More news from ALBERT HQ.. and news of travels..

As you know – we have written about it a lot recently – we have been delighted to be invited to libraries, nurseries and particularly schools to talk about real Albert the tortoise, his tortoise and turlte cousins – even dinosaurs – and to read the Albert picturebooks.

We’re about to set off on our biggest tour yet – in terms of miles ..  and time to orrganise.. We are heading to the lovely county of Cornwall in South West England to visit at least three schools – and we hope some bookshops too.

More than a year ago.. when the opening Albert book ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN first came out we heard from a school in Cornwall called Portreath. It turned out the teacher who made contact kept tortoises in her classroom, had discovered the Albert book and took it in for her class.

The pupils wrote about the book, did their own drawings of Albert and also Reviewed the story. We were amazed and thrilled.

Fortunately all the Reviews were positive.

We offered to visit as soon as we could. But, of course, the pandemic got in the way.

Now, we are excited to say we are going to be visiting and not only Portreath School. We are also on our way to Pennoweth and Illogan. A  600 mile round trip.

It’s a great privilege to be invited to talk to so many children and we are very much looking forward to it.

We have lots going on…  as soon as we’re back from Cornwall we will be taking part in a local Arts Trail doing storytime readings in our local library..

The next day June 12 we will be doing a storytime reading and book signing at Waterstone’s bookshop in St Albans. Hertfordshire who have been an amazing support to us and the Albert books.

We’re looking forward to all sorts of things coming up… We will keep you fully posted.

More news here soon. Til next time…