ALBERT’s World Turtle Day & National Tortoise Day

HELLO .. It’s May 23 and it’s a SUPERSIZE day for ALBERT HQ and tortoises and turtles all over the place…

It is WORLD TURTLE DAY and NATIONAL TORTOISE DAY. All aimed at raising awareness about tortoise and turtle care and the plight of these amazing animals – Albert’s cousins.

Now in its 22nd year, World Turtle Day was started by American Tortoise Rescue. It aims to cut down the illegal trade and breeding of tortoises and turtles, help their natural environment and raise awareness of how they should be treated and respected in the wild.

To kick off the day we did a terrific storytime with a lovely bunch of youngsters, parents and child minders in Highams Park, East London. We read all three Albert picturebooks..  ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN, ALBERT AND THE WIND and ALBERT SUPERSIZE and spoke about real Albert. The children then enjoyed tortoise and turtle games and crafting. Supersize thanks to all involved.

May be an image of 5 people, box turtle, tortoise and outdoors

As you know, Albert supports causes that aim to help his cousins.. a couple we are lnked to .. Albert is proud UK Ambassador…  CTTC (Valley) California Turtle Tortoise Club and Sofa Cushion Challenge (a fun way to raise money to help tortoises and turtles).

We made a special video for the day. Take a look…

Enjoy World Turtle Day and National Tortoise Day – and spare a thought for Albert’s cousins.

More news very soon.

Til next time…