Hello – welcome to the very latest news from Albert HQ.. and we have LOADS of news to share.. Are you ready for this?!…

First off, hot off the News machine.. real Albert is BACK! He woke up today – March 12 2022.. A full 10 days ahead of last year. He had a bath, a wander and that was about it for his return. That is his 80th + Don’t Know Year of waking from brumation (hibernation) and his 52nd wake up with his family carers. He went to sleep end of October 2021. Welcome back Albert.

Here he is pre-bath and smarten up. The grass was also cut soon after so he could see where he was going.

Earlier this week, we were also BACK.. on School visit duty…  We had a cracking visit at Abbey Primary School in St Albans, Hertfordshire. Thanks to all involved. Such great questions from the pupils.


Then we went to Bernards Heath Infact School, St Albans – and we were thrilled to meet such amazing students and to receive a great Thank you card from young illustrator Elspeth who had done her own version of the cover of the Albert picturebook ALBERT AND THE WIND… Amazing! Thanks to all involved.


We also visited Loyola Prep School in Buckhurst Hill, Essex and had a wonderful time talking all things Albert with pupils. Thanks to all the staff and youngsters involved.


Then we were BACK … on display in our local library. We were delighted to put in a special show of Albert, dinosaurs and artwork to mark the publication of Book 3 – ALBERT SUPERSIZE. Book 3 is now out as ebooks and animated ebook .. The paperback in Out officially on April 7. Books will be gifted to the library. Please do support YOUR local libraries.

The library display also heralds an upcoming Library tour around all Waltham Forest libraries .. 10 in one week at the start of May. We’re delighted to be asked to do this.


Possibly crowning our week was some amazing feedback…

Our FIRST Review for ALBERT SUPERSIZE came from the USA and was for the ebook version…

We are thrilled to receive such great responses to our efforts. Thank you. Please do keep Posting your reviews when you can.


As if that wasn’t wonderful enough.. we than received some excellent feedback from a speech therapist who chanced upon ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN. You can see the comments… To say our opening is “the best ever” and to see the word “Genius” is truly lovely.

Of course, our work goes on. We Thank you all for all your support. Please keep Posting Reviews, telling others about Albert and the picturebooks, T shirts, Tote bags and the world of Albert the tortoise.

More news from us soon. Til next time…