HELLO – We have so much news to share it’s hard even for us to keep you updated.. But we’re not complaining. It is wonderful as the efforts of Albert HQ spread word on real Albert and the Albert books and other content.

We are tortally chuffed that a Primary school has decided to make the picturebook ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN a whole school text.. meaning all 389 pupils will read and study the book, the lessons it it and the fun facts at the back of the book with infrmation about tortoises and turtles in general.. and about real Albert.

In preparation the school pupils met a cousin of Albert’s.. a tortoise called Mabel.

Albert’s wrangler is set to visit the school and do a reading of the book and to talk about Albert and his cousins as well. It is very exciting.

Just in time, we should have available very soon TEACHER NOTES to help with in-school discussion of the Albert book UPSIDE DOWN.

In other big news.. we did another visit to the Waterstone’s book store in the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. Wow .. both Albert books are a bit like Hot Cakes there. We are delighted and so grateful for all the support Mihaela and the team there have given our books. Head wrangler signed books on the visit and left the store needing to re-stock. Again. Excellent!

In other TOP news we had a wonderful online Review for new book ALBERT AND THE WIND that made us very proud. We love to see the Reviews for the Albert books. Can we ask – PLEASE DO POST YOUR REVIEWS ON THOSE SHOPPING SITES.. EVEN IF YOU ARE USING BOOKSHOPS TO BUY THE BOOKS.. If you use the sites for other shopping, you should be able to post a Review. It all helps Albert. Thank you.

Lots more happening this week.. We will keep you fully posted right here at the Albert website. Please keep telling others all about Albert. We are most thankful as many of our friends prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Take care! – Til next time…