HELLO – the amazing news just keeps on coming here at Albert HQ and this is the place to stay in touch with all Albert’s latest developments…

More radio interviews have been lined up and signings of the picturebooks ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN and new book ALBERT AND THE WIND are being arranged.

We were delighted to be invited to do a reading and give a talk with local Beavers and Cub packs. The youngsters were great – and had loads of great questions too.

Some thought Albert’s wranger might have been 80-years-old – like real Albert. Ahem. We won’t take that any further.

All seemed interested in the real world of Albert and his turtle, tortoise and dinosaur cousins..

It’s a treat to do these events and we’re open to all invitations.

It was nice to hear of what the youngsters are reading and writing themselves – and drawing.  We try to encourage all creativity. Keep at it.

Thanks to all who were involved.

More news soon from us. Til next time…