HELLO – Greetings from Albert HQ where we remain busy in a nice way.

There is certainly a lot occurring.

More book signings being lined up, more radio interviews and newspaper articles.

And more Praise is coming in for the Albert picturebooks. Thank you.. Please do keep YOUR Reviews and Ratings coming in.. Post them where you can on the shopping sites and bookshop sites. They are much appreciated.

We’ve also received a lovely reaction from a head teacher… Mr Booth of Forest School declared both the Albert books HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. It’s like having your work marked. And getting top score. We feel top class after that. Thank you, sir. It is very much appreciated. We hope the pupils like Albert as much and recommend us too.

We’re doing more readings and talks in coming days and it is great to see children’s reactions to the Albert stories and to hearing more about real tortoises and turtles.

As we say, lots going on. In a good way.

More from us soon. Til next time…