MORE news from Albert HQ.. and it’s good once more.

A while ago we mentioned that real Albert was thrilled to be an Ambassador for the California-based SOFA CUSHION CHALLENGE which is a fun way to help support injured and sick turtles and tortoises. You basically rummage down chairs and sofas and any change you find you donate to the cause.

They are based in california in the USA but they take cash from anywhere. They’re also affiliated to the California Turtle and Tortoise Conservation Club (CTTC) and we are super delighted to have been featured in their official publication THE TORTUGA GAZETTE.. Oh yes.

We’re allowed to share the article but not the whole magazine yet.

We’ve had another lovely write-up for the second Albert picturebook ALBERT AND THE WIND from the book blogger The Strawberry Post. Visit them for the full amazing piece.. The headlines are: SO FUNNY, WONDERFUL ILLUSTRATIONS, KIDS WILL LAUGH… We will certainly take that…

Here’s a little look at some of the article:


AND as if that is not enough.. we had another cracking Review / reaction from the children voting for the Cogan Pictureebook Friendship Award. We’ve written about this before and we’re on the long list for could-be winners. We have our fingers crossed… Here’s the latest lovely praise from them :


Also – we’ve lined up some more radio interviews to talk about real Albert and the Albert picturebooks.

More news from us very soon.. Till next time…


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