HELLO – Well, we did say all sorts is going on and we’re thrilled to report back on busy times for Albert HQ as our first picturebook ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN continues to grow and the second book ALBERT AND THE WIND goes into the world.

More radio interviews have happened .. with BBC Manchester… and there are more to come. Lovely Reviews are continuing to be posted about BOTH books.. That is great. Please do keep posting them where you can and sharing with us YOUR Book Pose pictures.

As restrictions seem to be easing, we even dared take Albert on tour.. Sort of. We were delighted to be invited to do a reading and crafting event in Southwold in Suffolk, UK, by Southwold Library and lovely bookshop Southwold Books. Thanks to Charlotte and Steph!

We decided to make a trip of it.. So we also swung by Woodbridge Emporium bookshop on the way.. and then afterwards we popped over to Norfolk and Thetford to visit Not Just Books – to mark their 1st birthday as a book shop. Happy booksellbirthday to them!!

We’re pleased to report a lovely reading in Southwold with a lovely bunch of attentive children (and some grown-ups) who also made very sparkly paper tortoises and turtles. They were thrilled to hear about tortoises and turtles in general – and about real Albert. They also enjoyed a reading of ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN.

We’re looking forward to more visits when we can. PLEASE GET IN TOUCH IF YOU WANT A TALK / READING / VISIT.. We will see what we can do.

More news soon as it just keeps on happening. Tortally exciting.

Til next time…