HELLO – More news coming thick and fast..

We were delighted at ALBERT the tortoise HQ to be invited to visit a local primary school to do a reading of the first picturebook ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN and to talk about tortoises, turtles, real Albert and conservation. Also about writing and illustrating a book.

The children – 200 pupils – aged between 4 and 11 were amazing. Very attentive and they had some good questions to ask. They seemed most interested in dinosaur links, about Albert’s big sleep and about how Albert came to be rescued .. and the great age of tortoises.

It was a pleasure to visit the school and we might even be invited back – and to sister schools – soon.

Thank you for the invitation and to all who helped the event take place.

IF you would like a visit about Albert.. You can email us using the Contact address on this website. Thank you.

More news from us soon as we keep up a publicity burst for ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN and ALBERT AND THE WIND picturebooks.

Til next time… Take care.