HELLO – We did warn you.. Soooo much occurring as we launch Book 2 ALBERT the tortoise .. ALBERT AND THE WIND…  And here we are with more updates…

We are delighted to say we were invited to put in another window display at our local library. We bought loads of props and sorted lots of the artwork by Eoin Clarke from the book .. and got crafting.

It seemed to work out.

It’s especially pleasing to do this during LIBRARIES WEEK…  We believe in libraries and think they deserve all sorts of support. They are a great local asset to communities. Or certainly can be.

Our display features a whirlwind of fruit and veg .. and pants!

Believe it or not, the trickest thing to source were the blue Y Front underpants that feature in the story. But we go there in the end.

We can reveal that our local bookshop is also getting behind the book launch as well and will be installing their own window display. We hope many bookshops do the same.

While we’re talking about BOOKSHOPS.. Tomorrow (October 9th 2021) is BOOKSHOP DAY…  While the ALBERT books are all available Online, we do like to encourage people to support local bookshops where they can. They are also a great local asset on our High Streets.

Let’s not forget some of the messages in the ALBERT books as we emerge ever more from the lockdowns and face life’s general hiccups. Please try to be Kind, to help others and to support others where possible.

You’ll see in the display image that a lot of fruit and veg is featured…  We also hope that the ALBERT AND THE WIND book might help children understand their fruit and veg and that it will make a nice Vegan / Vegetarian-friendly book for those looking for such a thing. Albert is all about Life on the Veg.

There is a lot more News coming frm us… We will keep you posted. Please keep telling others all about ALBERT, our books and all our social media sites.. Facebook, twitter and all the malarkey here at the Albert website.

Thank you for all the support!

Til next time….

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