Hello –

Not long to go now at all til the paperback publication of the new ALBERT THE TORTOISE picturebook ALBERT AND THE WIND.

Real Albert might have bedded down for his long winter sleep before the official day October 14th.. But he’s seen the book and has left all sorts of instructions for the fun to continue here at the website and on all his social media – Facebook, twitter and youtube.

He’s also been able to see some of the amazing early Reviews for the new book. If we thought we did well with the first book ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN, we are already very pleased and thrilled by what is being said and written about the new book. BEAUTIFUL, LOVELY SERIES, WONDERFUL – even “PERFECT”…

Thanks to EVERYONE going to the trouble of writing Reviews – they are very important to us and we hope any bloggers might also put them on to Amazon or Goodreads if possible.

The latest amazing Review comes from Book Blogger Bookread2day and it’s a smasher.

You can see the full write-up here:

Albert and the Wind Ian Brown

Both writer Ian Brown and illustrator Eoin Clarke are delighted with the reception to the book, so far.. Long may it continue.

Lots and ltos of news coming here over the coming days and weeks as the book launch builds…

In the meantime, keep safe. Til next time…