HELLO! Best wishes from all at Albert HQ. A busy few weeks ahead here…

Real Albert had slightly started his wind down for brumation (hibernation) a bit.. But a few sunny, warm days and he perked up and had some good feeds.

Just as well.. As he’s wide awake to see his latest picturebook adventure coming to life..

The second book in the ALBERT series ALBERT AND THE WIND is OUT NOW as ebook and animated ebook and Comes out as paperback on October 14.

We’re thrilled to say we can share with you a little taster.. A trailer from the animated ebook version with animation by illustrator Eoin Clarke and voices by author Ian Brown. It’s just a hint of what Albert is up to in his next story. Lots of silly voices again for Albert’s garden chums thanks to Ian. Thanks to publishers Graffeg as always for all their support and efforts.

Have a watch and we hope you like it…  More news very soon…

Here are some details…

Buy the animated ebook here: ANIMATED EBOOK ALBERT AND THE WIND

Buy on Kindle here: