HELLO – Well, we did warn you last time.. There is a LOT going on at Albert HQ…

We were thrilled to link up with the Sofa Cushion Challenge people – and tortoises and turtles – in California, USA to help the California Turtle and Tortoise Club care for sick and injured cousins of Albert.

NOW we have news of more publications featuring illustrated Albert…

You can still enjoy ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN:

Albert Upside Down

But the next chapter in the adventures of picturebook Albert is launching.

From September 14 ebooks and animated ebook versions of Albert’s latest story – ALBERT AND THE WIND – will land on all the various platforms.

For Kindle look here:

Then, on October 14 the paperback of ALBERT AND THE WIND will blow in.

For UK look here:

Albert and the Wind

For Worldwide Free delivery we recommend Book Depository: ALBERT AND THE WIND – FREE DELIVERY WORLDWIDE

It is all tortally exciting.. Not forgetting the thrill of real Albert’s debut Calendar for 2022 packed with images of Albert and useful tortoise and turtle conservation dates and worldwide anniversaries.

We made a new little film to cover Albert’s tortally amazing story so far…

Thank you for all the attention you give us.. we are tortally grateful.

Til next time…