HELLO – we have so much news coming in the next few weeks it might be hard to keep up.. But we hope you will bear with us as we keep you updated..

As a little teaser… The ebooks and animated ebook versions of Albert’s next picturebook ALBERT AND THE WIND publish on SEPTEMBER 14…

Then a month later the paperback will publish.

Our diary is filling with radio interviews, podcasts, blogs and vlogs.. IF you want to talk to us or Review the book or write or talk about the book or illustrator Eoin Clarke or author Ian Brown – or Albert.. Please get in touch…

For right now it is ALBERT himself who has the big news.. He is officially now an AMBASSADOR for a great cause based in CALIFORNIA, USA.. YES – AMERICA! Not bad for a tortoise possibly from North Africa, who lived in Kent, England for 50 years before moving to East London. His reputation is spreading. Hopefully his ego won’t…

Albert is thrilled to support the SOFA CUSHION CHALLENGE.. It’s a nice idea of how to have fun finding money you forgot you had – and then donating to help sick and injured tortoises and turtles being cared for by the California Turtle and Tortoise Club. You simply rummage through the cushions on sofas and chairs and see what loose change turns up. Round it up and donate.

We made this little video in support of this nice cause –

Find more info here: SOFA CUSHION CHALLENGE

See their guide video here:

If you can, please do get behind this cause. Tortoises ans turtles are among the most ancient creatures on our planet. Helping them is a potent symbol of what we should be doing for all animals at risk.


More news from us soon! – Til next time…


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