HELLO – Busy times at Albert HQ…

We were so thrilled when the first Albert the tortoise picturebook – ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN came into the world.. It was an especial thrill as it had taken author Ian Brown 30 years to secure a book deal.. Not for Albert but trying with all sorts of books.. Novels, other picturebooks .. All sorts. All were rejected or never received a reply when pitched to publishers or agents.

ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN is seemingly proving popular and youngsters and adults alike are taking to the story and the illustrations by Eoin Clarke.

The first piece of our NEW NEWS here is that NOW there is a NEW way to BUY ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN outside the UK.. ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.. WITH FREE DELIVERY.. Using BOOK DEPOSITORY… So, to our friends round the Globe, you might try this as an alternative to the other big online seller… ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN PICTUREBOOK WORLDWIDE FREE DELIVERY

The other piece of NEW NEWS here is that a VERY EXCITING parcel arrived at Albert HQ… advance copies of something tortallly amazing… BOOK 2 in the ALBERT picturebook series.. ALBERT AND THE WIND…  All sorts of reveals are coming.. Cover images and more.. real Albert has even agreed (eventually) to pose with the new book. BUT if you would like to PRE-ORDER the book here is a link:

Albert and the Wind

Lots more exciting NEW NEWS from us very soon.. So much is happening.. It’s hard to keep up ..  Thank you to all for all the support. We are all most grateful.

Til next time…