Hello –

Here’s an unusual one, possibly. As well as Posters, artwork from the books and rather cute tortoises made from old coconut shells.. we like to offer bookshops and libraries extra props to help with window displays.

Work is already under way gathering goodies for displays for Albert the Tortoise – Picturebook 2 – ALBERT AND THE WIND.. Coming this October.

Hence the strange items assembled .. Blue pants – Y fronts, of course.. plastic apples and baby carrots, rubber lettuce leaves and foam strawberries.

It’s not some out-there art installation. They will all make sense when the book comes out. No. Really. They will make perfect sense.

The things we do, eh. – Booksellers / Bookshops.. If you would like extra materials for Albert displays, please do get in touch.

Meanwhile, pleased to say we have some more book signings lined up for Book 1 – ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN. We’ll share all the updates when we have them and some pictures to show.

Keep telling others all about Albert. Thank you.

Til next time..