HELLO  – Team Albert is certainly spreading… We’ve had news of ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN picturebook going into schools in Australia, USA, Japan and Norway as well as across the UK.

It’s great that classrooms and school libraries will have the book and hopefully youngsters will not only enjoy the story and illustrations but also take something away from reading the book and looking at the images.

Libraries are simply a good thing. We support Libraries – be they public libraries or school libraries. We salute all efforts to boost them all.

We were delighted to gift three copies of Albert Upside Down to our local library and are most grateful that the library allowed us to put on a window display to celebrate the launch of the book.

We will be on full display at the same library in October when Book 2 Albert launches – ALBERT AND THE WIND.

We’re also delighted to have been invited by the local library to do a reading of the first book and to talk a bit about the book and about real Albert and his tortoise and turtle cousins in the coming weeks.

As a youngster, author Ian Brown loved libraries. Of course, back then … all those years ago… there was no internet, no Google.. no Wikipedia. So, the equivalent was reference books like Encyclopeadia Britannica. A wonderful asset for projects and homework.

Libraries need out support .. whether by gifting books, speaking up for them or simply visiting them and borrowing books and using the reference books.

Another asset locally for us are Little Libraries.. little houses of books on stands outside homes where people can borrow and drop off books. It helps pre-loved books to be loved by someone new.

We say Support Your Local Library and support School Libraries!

Until next time…