HELLO – we’re back and we’re saying Thank you. Again.. We know.. But it’s the right thing to do. We’re saying Thank you and saluting SCHOOLS and all the teachers, staff and pupils who are using Albert Upside Down for reading, art and life skill lessons. Amazing!

Albert Upside Down was written a long time before the pandemic and lockdowns and when that all came to pass, it was astounding how little lessons in the book took on ever greater meaning. Themes of kindness – being kind to others, neighbours, family, friends… the community…  Helping others.. local shops, food banks… Teamwork and how working together can be important… How a small amount of assistance can make a very big difference… And literally Helping others back on their feet.. Those who struggle, local shops and businesses and people in your neighbourhood.

It was almost as if the book was written with all that in mind.

It’s lovely that such lessons and discussion on those issues can be prompted by the book in schools now and we love to hear from teachers and schools about how the book is being used.

Of course, you can also use the book to learn about tortoises in general and about reptiles and about how to draw a tortoise. We can offer videos of drawing Albert with a commentary from illustrator Eoin Clarke.

Hopefully, when even more restrictions are lifted, we will be able to visit schools and talk about the book, real Albert and do readings. Invitations are starting to come in already. So, any teachers or schools or libraries interested – please do make contact. We love to hear from you – and to see lessons and artwork that has been created by young ones.

Thank you.

Until next time…