HELLO – More from us at Team Albert .. And we seem to be saying Thank you – a lot…  Well, we want to because it’s the right thing to do.

ALBERT UPSIDE DOWN is the first in a series of books and it’s the first book of any kind for Ian and Eoin – after many years of trying different things.. Novels, other picturebooks… So, when the book came out we wondered how it would be received by the nice people who sell it…

Well, it has been amazing and we hope that will continue and will grow. Of course, we are not (yet) on the scale of certain VERY well known writers or illustrators or book brands… BUT we hope that booksellers will continue to get behind us as we try to support them as much as we can too.

If we can, we will visit bookshops, we will attend events, we will do book readings, we will sign books and we can supply signed bookplates, additional materials and more. So – booksellers, do please make contact and ask .. We will always try to help you to sell our books.

We like to be photographed and we post on our social medias and we use the hashtag #ChooseBookshops…

We’re delighted that we’ve been able to start attending bookshops in a low key way to sign books as restrictions ease. It’s been a pleasure to visit several branches of Waterstone’s and Foyles and there has also been support from shops doing window displays (Thank you Chicken and Frog, V and A books, Bookbugs and Dragon Tales, Not Just Books …There are more and we thank you all.)

There are Posters for Albert and if we visit we can supply small nodding tortoises made from coconut shell. Great for displays!

GET IN TOUCH and we can try to arrange a visit to YOUR shop, lovely bookshop peoples.

Until next time…